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In the world of machines, ScolexRobot is a technology company to endow people with the latest innovations as well as educational novelty. Confidingly, we have built sophisticated software with cutting edge technology to pay a keen eye to the financial market every hour of the day. Popular with the name Expert Advisor, our software is a trading robot that lets people know about the right time to step in and out of the market, giving them an unfair advantage in sweeping foreign exchange charts.


ScolexRobot is where dreams do come true.

We are a top-graded and sterling technology company that does not just offer economic assistance for forex traders, but also create boundless opportunities for the masses. Our mission is to create a platform for all kinds of people with the goal of genuinely advancing them in their journey to financial freedom and success.

Founded with sanguinity, our vision is to become a premiere global institution in software development and financial education, changing lives and honing millions of traders into thriving individuals.

What ScolexRobot Has to Offer?

Exceptional Services And Opportunities

Powerful Products You Can Trust

ScolexRobot combines unprecedented functionality, with unparalleled design to create a tool with a built-in program that is dedicated to simplifying the forex trading process. With leveraged years of experience, we create Forex robots like NO other. No previous experience required. We designed our robots to be beginner-friendly without complicated entries and setups.

Hybrid Pro V1.0

This expert advisor uses sophisticated calculation in making profit while taking down drawdown at the same time. Its recovery of loss is slower yet more stable, thus, it also indicates lesser risk of drawdown than T-ReX. It’s great for conservative traders with lower capital.

T-ReX V1.5

The strategy of this expert advisor is based on grid recovery. The strength of this EA is sideways or range market. It is one of our most aggressive EA. It is a genius in recovering drawdown in just a blink. Not just that, as it recovers your loss, it also makes sure to make you some profit. It is the easiest to use among the 4 and is specifically designed for beginners with huge capital.

Falcon V1.2

This expert advisor is capable of using multiple strategies with sophisticated drawdown management and recovery system. It is built to be smarter than the first two expert advisors. It uses indicators that measure the direction and strength of a trend. It is more precise in placing orders and is also more on the conservative side of trading.

Optimus 2.0

Optimus is ultimately the first three expert advisors combined. Its parameters are more complex and is designed to be purely math in trading. It’s the safest to use among the first three EAs mentioned and is built-in with the best risk management form.

ScolexRobot: T-ReX V1.5


T-ReX is ScolexRobot’s first ever expert advisor with a strategy based on market sentiment and grid recovery.

As soon as T-ReX v1.5 is activated in your trading platform, it will immediately open an order according to the direction of the market or the market sentiment. Meaning, if the market sentiment is bullish or rising, it will open a buy order. If the market sentiment is bearish or falling, it will place a sell order.

Once its Take Profit or T/P is reached, the order will forthwith close and a new order will be opened. The type of order that will be opened will still depend on the market sentiment and will once again close if the T/P is reached.

Take Profit or T/P is just basically placed to close a profitable position once the market reaches a specific price, hence, gaining profit as you close an order.

On the contrary, once T-ReX places a wrong order that implies a drawdown, it will exploit the small market reversal movement to close all the orders after a reversal point, recovering all the losses of the wrong orders ALL AT ONCE.

The mechanism of this strategy is to place new orders with constant grid distance from one another till an order is placed after a reversal point.

A reversal point is where a trend starts or ends.

To recover all the losses no matter how many wrong orders are placed, the robot increases the lot size of new orders to take advantage of the small market reversal movement. After a reversal point, all the orders are closed and all the losses are already recovered while taking some profit.

Thus, to ensure that there is enough balance for users to to recover all potential wrong orders and losses, it is recommended to place an initial lot size of 0.01.

Even if T-ReX is designed to be an aggressive EA, an Equity Protector parameter is built for its risk management system. This allows users to place how much percentage of their initial balance they are willing to risk or lose in trading. Once this value is reached, the EA will automatically close all the orders and stop opening new trades, preventing more potential losses.

Additionally, Equity Target ($) is also a highly strategic parameter that lets users to set a specific amount of equity before closing all the orders and eventually stop placing new trades. Meaning, once this specific amount of equity is reached, pending orders are altogether closed and the EA is removed from the trading platform

For traders who prefer to trade only in particular length of time in a day, a parameter is also designed to customize this aspect called Filter Trading Time.

Basically, if true, the EA will only start and stop opening trades according to how users set the Time Start and Time Stop parameters in a market day. If false, the robot will open new trades the entire market day.

While Time Stop ONLY means that the EA will stop opening new trades, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will also close all existing trades. That’s why an additional parameter is designed called Close All Trade. If true, all the pending orders will also be closed according to the Time Stop parameter. If false, pending orders will not be closed till the T/P is reached.

ScolexRobot: Hybrid V1.0


Hybrid is an expert advisor that uses advanced calculation in taking down drawdown from wrong positions.

Just like T-ReX, in opening trades, the type of order placed by Hybrid is identified by the market sentiment and closed once the T/P is reached. However, when a wrong position is placed, the recovery mechanism slightly differs.

In recovering losses, Hybrid calculates and places a lot size to a next order that can potentially recuperate the earliest wrong order placed

but only in portion. Meaning, it does not completely recover and close one order in one reversal movement unlike T-ReX which recovers and closes wrong positions all at once with one reversal point. 

Hybrid is more stable in recovering small losses but could be disadvantageous at some point as lot sizes increase more recurrently but in small amount.

ScolexRobot: Falcon V1.2


Falcon is an expert advisor capable of using multiple strategies with sophisticated drawdown management and recovery system. It uses indicators that measure the direction and strength of a trend, thus, is more precise in placing orders and is more conservative in trading than T-ReX.

While T-ReX places orders with constant step grid distance from one another in recovering drawdown of wrong positions, Falcon does not automatically open a new order till a signal is detected. Thus, its primary criteria for opening new positions are the signal provided by indicators and the minimum step grid distance users set in their parameter.

Generally, it has similar strategy with T-ReX except for the consideration of indicators in opening new positions and the addition of a few parameters.


For this robot, it is still recommended to set an initial lot size of 0.01 to allow the smooth recovery of drawdown.

Equity Protector, Equity Target, and Trading time parameters are still present in this EA and works just as how the T-ReX does.

Meanwhile, the Limit Order parameter is built to customize the maximum trades and lot size that you want to place in your chart.

Add limit for number of trades    – the maximum number of order or position that you allow the EA to open

Add limit for amount of lot size   – the maximum amount of lot size that you allow the EA to place in your order

ScolexRobot: Optimus v2.0

Scolex Optimus is a multi-functional expert advisor for the MetaTrader 4 terminals that allows you to trade using order grids. The algorithm of the expert advisor allows you to trade both with the trend and against the trend. Trading with the trend is structured in such a way that each new order is opened only if the previous order has a Stop Loss in the profit zone.  Trading against the trend is conducted in order to close unprofitable positions with a profit. The advisor has a large number of settings that allow you to conduct conservative, aggressive or scalping trading of financial instruments.

  • Easy to configure
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals
  • It can work with any financial instruments (Forex, Crypto, CFD, Futures, Metals)
  • It can trade on any time periods
  • It has multiple modes of trading
  • It has multiple averaging modes, including smart and partial averaging
  • The expert advisor automatically takes fees and swaps into account

Unlike other expert advisors that use the order grid trading method, Scolex Optimus Grid can simultaneously trade for buy and sell, use trailing stop for orders, and calculate trading lots using multiple algorithms.

Depending on the chosen trading strategy, the expert advisor can trade constantly without waiting for signals from the trading strategy, or it can wait for a signal from the trading strategy, and the signal can be applied both to the beginning of trading and to subsequent orders. The EA trades using the order network method. 

If the price goes in a profitable direction after opening an order, the Scolex Optimus expert advisor will use the break-even trading method using a Trailing stop. (The movement of the stop loss to the profitable zone in the wake of the price). When the profit condition is met, another order with the same lot as the previous one will be opened for the order in the same direction. In this way, the expert advisor will try to use trend trading as efficiently as possible. 

If the price goes in a losing direction after opening an order, the EA will automatically open averaging orders in order to close all current orders as quickly and profitably as possible. Depending on the EA settings, averaging orders can be opened with a fixed minimum lot or with a constantly increasing lot. 

The expert advisor has unique methods for calculating prices, in which the trading algorithm can quickly reduce a losing position and increase profits on profitable orders. Partial closing occurs in virtual mode, which means that Your broker will never see the price at which the EA will close orders.


  • Conduct testing for at least 2-4 business weeks
  • Use a VPS server, this will allow the expert Advisor to work efficiently 24/7
  • Do not allow yourself to take big risks, use a small Deposit
  • Do not leave the adviser to work 24/7 on a real account, always monitor the work of the adviser
  • Adjust the settings if necessary

Order Type – The setting allows you to select the type of trade and the direction of trade

  • Buy and Sell – this setting allows you to enable full automatic trading of buy and sell orders.

Free 14-Day Demo

To counteract your initial hesitations with our products and win your hearts in a dash, we provide an incredible chance for you to try one of our expert advisors, T-ReX v1.5, for absolutely FREE plus 14 days of Daily Education Materials to familiarize yourself with our innovative software, and subsequently, take your Forex Trading abilities to the next level!

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Scolex Forex Academy

Our top-tier, quality education platform is dedicated to deliver effective and easy learning for both beginners and experienced traders. ScolexRobot is committed to bringing its members only caliber materials to be miles ahead in the financial markets. We produce not only introductory content but also trading strategies and tips that are crucial to winning and earning profits. Now you can be confident about trading your hard-earned money!

We take your learning seriously but we want you to have fun while learning. Thus, we made our materials as engaging and digestible as possible, condensed into 2 to 3-minute videos.

Made with enthusiasm, a thorough research from multiple reliable sources worldwide was performed to give you only the best and nothing less, compiling and creating relevant content and ensuring efficient learning.

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Exciting Referral Program

With satisfying bonuses and marvelous perks, ScolexRobot has undeniable one of the best compensation plans in the market that you wouldn’t want to miss. We designed a lucrative team building-based referral compensation plan for those who are interested and excited to build an additional and steady stream of income by introducing new members to our platform.

Participation in our referral compensation program is completely 100% optional and we encourage that any prospective affiliate take the time to fully assess our compensation program in its entirety prior to registering to promote our products.

3 Ways You Can Earn as An Affiliate

Being an Affiliate has never been this easy, fun and rewarding!

Earn $60 for every member who has successfully upgraded to a premium subscription after your referral. There is no limitation on how many people you can refer but you will receive your share ONLY once your referral has successfully subscribed to a premium account. It’s plain and easy! Now take a second and imagine having at least 10 referrals every month.

This bonus will be paid out to all affiliates who will earn credits for every new referral they make in a week. How does it work?

For every referral you make in a week, ScolexRobot will deposit $20 to the Scolex Pot. By the end of the week, the total money added to the pot will be divided to all affiliates who reached at least 1 credit to be qualified for this bonus.

The number of credits they will obtain will determine the percentage of share they will get from the pot. But take note that for you to be eligible for this compensation category, you have to make a minimum of 3 successful referrals in a week which is equivalent to 1 credit.

Here is the table for this credit system:

For instance, if there is a total of 50 new referrals for that week and ScolexRobot deposited $20 to the Scolex Pot for each referral – that would make a total of $1,000.

Number of New Clients x $20 = Pot Money

50 x $20 = $1000 

Let’s say you have successfully referred 6 people; that is equivalent to 2 credits. If there is only a total of 20 credits from all the affiliates credits combined, this total credit of 20 will be divided from the total pot money of $1000. Then for each credit, the bonus money is $50.

Pot Money / Total Credits = Bonus Money

$1000 / 20 = $50

Thus, for your 2 credits, you will be earning $100 in just a week.

Bonus Money x Number of Credit = Your Weekly Incentive Bonus

$50 x 2 = $100

What more if you got more successful referrals?

Aren’t you convinced yet about these eminent opportunities to maximize your weekly earnings? Then we have another one for you!

This is the third category bonus where you will be receiving weekly residual income based on your rank. The higher your rank, the more you will receive each week.

There are currently 11 ranks in this compensation plan and you need to meet certain requirements to qualify for each rank and ascend in the ranking system.

Before we begin to explore the requirements, there are specific terms you should familiarize yourself with.

Invite – an active member who you personally referred to join ScolexRobot and became an active premium user of our software

Downlines – the total active member in your team. These are the members you have recruited or who have joined the program and whose sales or referrals also generate income for you.

Three-lane requirements – the number of active members required for each lane on the downline to earn a bonus

For example:

To qualify as a Leader 500 which equates to a weekly incentive of $125, you need to have 4 invites and a total downline of 21 active members with 7 active members on the first lane, 7 on the second and 7 on the last. Take note that to be counted as an active member, they have to be a premium ScolexRobot user.

Now, for you to ascend in the ranking system and be a Leader 1200 with an incentive of $300 per week, you still need to have 4 invites but with a total downline of 60 active members with 20 active members on the first lane, 20 on the second lane and 20 on the last.

You can refer to the table above for more requirement details needed to achieve certain ranks in this compensation category.

With everything mentioned above, you have to be strategic in managing your downlines to meet the requirements and for a higher inheritance reward of up to $62,500 weekly.

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What Our Customers Have to Say


An Expert Advisor automates routine trading activities and decisions that manual traders would do on a 24-hour a day basis. It is a piece of software designed to tell you when to make a trade or even automatically initiate and execute trades according to preprogrammed instructions. It is specifically created to counteract some of the basic challenges in manual trading.

YES! As soon as you sign up for a free demo, we will send you a user-friendly, step-by-step guide from installing the software on your computer to trading with our expert advisor in your forex charts via MESSENGER. Our materials and modules are created in video format to walk you through getting everything executed without missing a single step. Moreover, we take customer service seriously and provide live chats to cater clients in real-time

ABSOLUTELY YES! Aside from the step-by-step guide to setup our software in your computer, we also dedicate ourselves to creating contents to educate beginners in Forex Trading. Thus, apart from the free trial of our software, an access to our Forex Academy is also offered once you sign up for a free demo with NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

We want you to experience our software with confidence. Hence, upon signing up for a free demo, we will only ask for your complete name and email address.

YES! You can try it for yourself on a demo account or you can check our testimonials. At ScolexRobot, we ask ourselves how to make your forex experience successful and profitable without the hassle of manual trading and beginner dilemma. We systematically analyzed data worldwide to build the best forex technology and to design the most advanced, user-friendly software tools. 

Even with the meticulous programming and development of the software, it is still possible to lose money and it doesn’t equate to a sure-win. However, it does increase your chances of winning and avoid risks of losing through its tested strategy and sophisticated system. Ultimately, it gives you a mile of advantage and convenience over manual trading. We suggest for you to try it today for free and discover how amazing our software is.

Partly, YES! Just like most software, human intervention is very minimal but is crucial. Our expert advisor works based on how you configure its settings or customize its parameters. After that, it can operate automatically and execute trading routine with no human intervention.

YES! You can skip the free demo phase and immediately opt to register for a premium account to use all of our five expert advisors. However, it is highly recommended that you experience the 14-day demonstration for better understanding of our software before using it on a real account.

This is completely up to you and your broker. With most brokers offering accounts with as little as $200 initial investment, most ScolexRobot clients start with $1000 or more. However, if you are using a demo account, $3000 would be the minimum initial balance for our expert advisor to work on your trading platform.

You will get all of our five Expert Advisors that includes T-ReX, Falcon, Optimus, Raptor and Hybrid Pro. Aside from that, you will also have a premium admission to our Forex Academy and an access to our proud innovations, Profit Calculator and Compounding Calculator, unique to ScolexRobot

YES. We would hate to see you go, but if you need to cancel your account and end your subscription, just let us know and we will cancel our service. You can also opt to temporarily remove our expert advisor in your charts if you want to trade on your own by simply going to the expert advisor terminal in your trading platform.

The market is very unpredictable and volatile. Thus, no one can really tell or give a genuine estimate of income in trading. Moreover, how much you make in a month also depends on how aggressive or conservative you are as a trader.

You have to purchase your own Virtual Private Server (VPS). It is a virtual computer that functions 24 hours independently and is permanently connected to the internet for faster execution process and more stable trading environment. This can be purchased for under $10 a month.

We have seen potential and power with our software and want to share this opportunity to help manual traders maximize their earning capacity. After a thorough assessment, we projected our software to be a blast in the market worldwide and to serve thousands of people in achieving financial stability. It would be very economically irresponsible not to launch the software to the public.